Venture Southland was a major sponsor of heavy weight boxer Joseph Parker's "Road to the Title" fight held in Invercargill. Being broadcast to 25 million viewers around the world Venture Southland wanted a series of 9 TVC's (90s and 30s options) covering the best of the things to see and do in Southland. 
5 days in the deep south of New Zealand was fantastic. I was DOP, director and camera op for the production with additional crew on hand for lighting and sound. We filmed wildlife, bars, restaurants, schools, aerials, shopping, sports games the list goes on. 
I spear headed all post production, developed the stylisation, sourced the music, undertook all editing and colour grading and dealt directly with distributors and TV channels. A big thanks to Venture Southland for all their work in getting locations and people ready...a job well done. 
Check out the other TVC's:

Oh yeah, the day after the fight when 25+ million people watched these commercials, the local newspaper ran a front page story of how AWESOME the TV commercials were and that they truly reflected the heart and soul of Southland. 
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