The Service Body is an enclosed case attached to the backs of utes, providing a variety of services from dog transport, equipment storage etc. Wanting to break into the electricity lines service market they wanted a promotional video that stood out. 
This was a thoroughly enjoyable project from the get go. The marketing team at UteMaster weren't afraid to try something new, in fact that was a criteria for the project. So we collaboratively decided to do away with the very thing that nearly every product video has...someone talking about how the product works. 
We let the product talk for itself. 
Shot over 2 days [a day and a night shoot] I worked as DOP and camera op, bringing the creative ideas of the marketing team together. Setting up a night shoot was the highlight, faking wind (by shaking trees) and rain (by standing on top of the ute with a hose) after which I added in the audio effects in post. I even added a lightning strike. 
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