Deliver a walk through video allowing upcoming patients to see what it's like at a Southern Cross hospital. 
Filmed over 3 days in Hamilton, New Zealand, I was the sole camera operator and DOP on the shoot. During the intense pre-production phase I wrote the script, organised talent and scouted locations. Due to the green screen requirement in the opening sequence, a fourth day of filming was required in a studio where a full body green screen setup was used. 
I spearheaded all the post production being careful not to grade the final look too much in case it gave an untrue impression. What resulted was a video that made people email and call in to Southern Cross head office saying how it made them feel totally at ease about their up and coming surgeries. A job well done? 
Client quote:
"Very modern looking, great messages and pictures...hooray and well done." Ian Davis - Marketing Manager, Southern Cross Hospitals.

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