Develop a short, punchy promotional video for the newly devised 'RENEGADE' style of field Hockey. 
We filmed at NZ Hockey's home stadium with a group of professional hockey players and after that at a local school with a group of 40 school kids. 'Renegade' can be played practically anywhere by anyone, with no rules except those that you decide as a team. The outcome is the most fast paced, action packed and absolutely fun version of field hockey on the planet. 
For this project I was DOP and sole camera operator although I did have the help of player-mounted GoPro cameras which I set up to gain that POV perspective. Once filming was complete I worked closely with the NZ Hockey to provide them with the overall visual look and feel , taking care of all of the post production. I wanted to emphasise the speed and intensity of the new format so I employed a strong Motion Graphics approach, with much of the final production completed using After Effects.  
Chek out some of the Skill Development clips:

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