A small NZ company with impressive intellectual property have designed the world's leading hip protector. To break into the US market they needed a video that had high impact [pardon the pun], that showed the product in action and could be used in an application to one of the USA's leading product testing and advertising watch dogs. 
What better way to show how tough something is that to drop something heavy on it!!!
So we decided to drop a bowling ball onto a wine bottle - how cool is that?? Acting as DOP and the sole camera op, this time I had 2 camera's running - a Sony EX3 for the wide shot and a SONY FS100 to get footage of the wine bottle exploding at 960 fps. To do that we had to rig up a 1oK over head with 2 additional 5K lights in support. 
If you've not done high speed video before, 960 fps is fast enough to capture the natural pulse of electricity in normal lights resulting in light flicker in all the shots - not good. 
Thanks to Impactwear Hip Protectors there was plenty of wine bottles left intact - of which many came home with me. Thanks Natasha. Thanks Chris. 
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