This project was a direct result of the awesome job I did for Venture Southland [More on that shortly]. This was solely an editing project for me, with all footage supplied by Gore District Council. I was given free reign on the visual and musical approach.
With the footage being supplied completely unedited there is always a period of categorizing involved. Good content management is a must. I picked the best moments from every shot, sourced the music track and created the '3 wipe' effect from scratch, building it around the Gore DC logo in the bottom left. What resulted was a short, snappy video that the client loved. 
The footage was shot by a number of camera ops, each with different gear. I had 4K, 1080p and RAW footage, some with colour, most requiring LUTs. As a professional colour grader this wasn't a problem. 
Click here to see the Venture Southland TV commercial project
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